UC San Diego’s “EcoNauts”

There are a wealth of student organizations at UC San Diego focused on environmental sustainability and issues. The groups are welcoming of any students interested in making a positive difference for the environment, and some groups offer positions for interns to gain experience working in sustainability. Each group is a unique contribution to the sustainability-minded atmosphere at UCSD. Below is a summary of UCSD’s EcoNauts.
The EcoNauts are recruited by UCSD Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH), and their goal is to foster a culture of sustainability among HDH customers and student residents on campus. They focus on educating students about HDH’s commitment to being “green,” and about specific sustainability issues such as food waste, recycling and fair trade goods. To get their messages across to students living in the residential halls and apartments, EcoNauts host numerous interactive activities throughout the year. Past events include trash sorts and other interactive demonstrations, games and prizes related to reusing and recycling, and tabling about sustainable food sources. HDH has also created a budget for sustainability programs called “Green Grants,” and students in need of funding for projects focused on resource-saving measures can apply for a grant to cover expenses.
Contact: econauts@ucsd.edu

By: Linda Tong, UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Fellow

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