SRC Tour Day 6- Bamboo: Who Knew?

In recent years, there has been a booming interest in bamboo-made materials. Though it may have seemed a little odd at first, compared to our comfort zone of cotton and our usual trees, the colorful stalks have become the eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. What makes bamboo so great? Well, to start, bamboo can grow 3 to 4 feet per day without any fertilizers or pesticides, and it also needs very little water! Bamboo stalks mature in about 7 years, which is a stark improvement from the 20-30 years of trees. A grove can release about 35% more oxygen than standard trees, which also helps improve soil conditions and prevents erosion.

Because it’s so much easier to farm, bamboo has become the latest material for floors, cabinetry, furniture, and even clothes! The technology in making bamboo easier to convert to clothing and paper is still an ongoing process, but it goes to show that those lanky stalks are definitely worth some effort and innovation!


Our recycled glass back splash and bamboo shelves
Our recycled glass back splash and bamboo shelves

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