SRC Tour Day 7- What does “Post-Consumer” Mean?


We take pride in the fact that so many of our features are made from recycled and sustainable products. But what exactly does “post-consumer” mean? By the looks of our counter top, it may be difficult to understand the work behind it that makes it such a sustainable item.

By definition, “post-consumer” really just means that: it something that exists after the consumer uses it! We all generate waste, and we all have some way of disposing of products we no longer use. However, the issue from this is that much of our waste goes straight to landfills–which are definitely not bottomless pits that will stay the same size forever!

A great solution to so much post-consumer waste is recycling whatever materials we possibly can before the non-recyclable parts are sent to the landfills. We then use the recycled parts to create awesome products like our countertop! Made from 50% post-consumer cardboard, you’d think it would be a bit floppy like a packing back. However, this thing is extremely sturdy, and it also looks really nice!

So the next time you go shopping, look for post-consumer recycled products. This not only decreases our needs for “brand new” products to be made- it also means that we’re making an effort to reuse what’s already available! And that’s sustainable living!

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