Last Day of the SRC Tour: Meet our plants! (and more)


Of course, we couldn’t end our tour without shedding some light (pun intended) on our plant friends! Meet Patrick, Hector, Enders Jr., and Squidward! We also have quite a few unnamed plants, but each one is still special in its own way. Each plant in our center is drought-resistant, and full of character! It’s always nice to walk into our green-inspired space and have some actual green living there!

Here at UC San Diego, we have partnered with Office Max and TerraCycle in the “Writing Instrument Brigade“. This program allows any and all people on campus to turn in their empty writing instruments to a specific drop-off space (such at the SRC) in order to help recycle and upcycle the instrument’s remaining materials. If you’re on campus, please feel free to stop by and drop off your old pens and markers for proper disposal!

Speaking of pens, check out our custom “Eco Writer” pens! Not only are they made from recyclable and post-consumer materials, but they’re also from a local California company! We love these pens because they can also double as a stylus for smartphones, tablets, and any other touch screen technologies. You’ll also see under our pen that we have been using “scratch paper notepads”, which were made by some of our very own Student Sustainability Collective members out of old essays, study guides, etc. Here at UCSD, we really strive to make sure we use what we have before turning to new materials.

To conclude our tour, we wanted to thank you all for following our tour updates. It has been a great couple of weeks sharing our space with you, and we look forward to sharing more info about sustainability! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at .

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