8 Cool Sustainable Dorm Decorations

Take your dorm room or apartment from drab to fab this year and cut down on waste!

Coffee Filter Flowers

filter flowers

Brighten up your room with these beautiful DIY Flowers! All you need are old coffee filters, scissors, and some fabric dye (or Kool-Aid if you want to be super sustainable)!


Repurposed Pringles Can Vase


Can you believe this used to be a Pringles can? After you’re done snacking, use this tutorial to turn the can into a vase for the beautiful flowers you get from the Farmers Market!


Plastic Spoon Art


Got a bunch of leftover plastic spoons from a summer BBQ? Use them to make a super cool mirror holder or art piece!


Water Bottle Chandelier


Water bottles are one of the biggest wastes of plastic on the planet, so here’s your chance to reuse some of them and add to your decor at the same time!


T-Shirt Shag Rug

tshirt rug

In college you get so many free T-shirts, and you end up never wearing them! Skip paying tons of money for a room rug and make this DIY one instead!


CD Art

cd art

Got stacks of old CDs and DVDs lying around? Make them into cool wall decos!


Tin Can Luminaries

tin lights

After you’re done eating soup or feeding your dog, upcycle the tin cans into these beautiful decorative lights!


Recycled Magazine Picture Frames

magazine frame

Reuse all those magazines sitting on your coffee table into one of a kind frames!

Lightbulb Crafts


There were so many lightbulb decorations on the Internet we couldn’t chose just one. Make planters, center pieces, hanging hot air balloons, and more using this article!


For more DIYs and sustainable ideas, follow UCSD Sustainability on Pinterest!

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