Staff Sustainability Network (SSN) Update February/March

UCSD’s Staff Sustainability Network (SSN) is excited to soon review applications for their second annual Staff Project Grant. The purpose of this grant is to provide introductory funding for on-campus projects with a sustainability focus. SSN hopes that in doing so the Network will empower UCSD staff employees to be proactive regarding sustainability efforts on campus.

Last year’s grant was awarded to a seed project proposed by Chris Johnson of the Landscape Services Department. With the money from the grant, Chris bought seeds, soil, containers, and heat mats to begin his vision of UCSD growing its own trees on-site, rather than purchasing them from an outside vendor. Along with the help of others in his department, Chris has been able to grow about 200 plants with the seed money, and has more seeds and containers to work with this spring.

Chris_Grant Plants
Chris Johnson with a display of plants grown from seed at UCSD.

Due to a lack of a controllable environment, such as a greenhouse or shade house, some of the seeds that were planted were destroyed by water or wind, or dried out. This is one of the reasons that Chris and his colleagues (Mike Scarry and Andre Leon) are currently proposing that an arboretum be established on campus, as many other UC campuses already have. An on-campus arboretum of course would support plant propagation, and has the potential to provide education and research opportunities, aesthetic appreciation, food production, a platform for sustainability efforts, such as composting, water conservation, and more.

To learn more about the proposed arboretum, Staff Project Grant, or get involved with other sustainability efforts on campus, come to an SSN meeting  or sign up to join the SSN e-mail list. Remember that any UCSD staff member is eligible to apply for the Staff Project Grant!

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