CoreBio’s move away from plastic bags

CoreBio, a vendor which provides biotech products for UCSD’s labs, plans to stop packaging orders in plastic bags and start providing reusable ones. The inspiration: Prop 67.

Prop 67, or the Plastic Bag Ban, mandates that grocery stores charge $0.10 per plastic bag, encouraging consumers to bring their own. The purpose is to reduce the number of plastic bags which end up in landfills and, more often than not, wildlife. CoreBio, inspired by California’s effort to be greener, decided to up the ante by getting rid of plastic bags entirely, and is currently looking into which reusable bags to order and hand out to customers, so that there’s at least one per lab; in the meantime, they’re packaging orders with biodegradable bags, which are compostable and can at the very least break down faster than plastic ones.

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