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  1. Hi Sarah and Zach,

    I sent an email on Tuesday to promote two talks on campus. I have already submitted them to the UC Calendar of Events.
    There is one on “The State of Our Oceans”: http://calendar.ucsd.edu/event/the-state-of-our-oceans/ on April 18th at 1pm in Mandeville Center B210, and another on “Lobbying Broadcast Media on Climate”: http://calendar.ucsd.edu/event/lobbying-broadcast-media-on-climate/Apr%2026,%202018/Apr%2026,%202018/5:00%20pm/ , April 26th at 5pm, Pacific Hall rm 3500.

    If you are able to give them broader exposure, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Darlene X26118

  2. I wanted to share information about a foodscrap dropoff program launched by Food2Soil for individuals and households who would like to compost their foodscraps but don’t have time and space for backyard composting. I am reaching out to see if you can share information about this program with students and faculty at SIO to help in their zero waste journeys. More info about the program is available at http://www.dropoff.food2soil.net

    Food2Soil Composting Collective

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