Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Energy Manager at CSUN (Posted 8/13/18)

CSUN is committed to achieving excellence through teaching, scholarship, learning and inclusion. Our values include a respect for all people, building partnerships with the community and the encouragement of innovation, experimentation and creativity. CSUN strives to cultivate a community in which a diverse population can learn and work in an atmosphere of civility and respect. CSUN is especially interested in candidates who make contributions to equity and inclusion in the pursuit of excellence for all members of the university community.

Under the direction of the Director of Energy and Sustainability, the Energy and Utilities Manager is responsible for the oversight, planning, implementation and monitoring of all energy use and management for purchased utilities for California State University, Northridge (CSUN). The incumbent oversees, develops, and manages an annual utility budget of over $8 million and implements programs to ensure the campus exceeds CSU system-wide goals for energy management; represents the University as the liaison with utility companies; develops and implements procurement strategies; oversees contract negotiations for purchased utilities; develops metrics for reporting for effectiveness and compliance; sets annual saving metrics and works with Campus Planners, Energy Controls Specialist, Center Plant Operators, Physical Plant staff, etc. to ensure annual goals are met; is responsible for energy conservation and actively works with Physical Plant, Central Plant Operator, Energy Controls Specialist, Campus Auxiliaries, and Campus partners to ensure energy use on campus is optimized throughout the year; publishes the Annual Energy Report detailing realized savings to the University; evaluates and examines the existing utility infrastructure of the campus and identifies efficiencies for resource conservation, cost savings, sustainability, and climate protection; actively identifies and models projects that require an investment and bring best value and savings to the institution while meeting the overall campus goals of the University; reviews, collaborates, and establishes policies and methods for best practices in energy management; coordinates with Facilities Planning to assure compliance with the Strategic Energy Plan; ensures continuity of communication and is responsible for communicating updates, changes, needs, and impacts to internal and external stakeholders; as related to campus energy management programs; observes, investigates, and evaluates day-to-day operating strategies and infrastructure to ensure best practice in energy management. Interfaces with and monitors the campus Energy Management System (EMS) to ensure that the HVAC system operating functions and scheduling are optimized for efficiency; uses the campus EMS, Energy Information System (EIS) and other available resources to gather data regarding the operation of mechanical, electrical, and water consuming equipment; makes recommendations to management for strategies and procedures in alignment with the University’s Strategic Energy Management, Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan that will reduce consumption or provide better control and feedback; implements elements of the CSU Sustainability Policy related to energy and water conservation; coordinates awareness and educational campaigns for energy and water conservation; develops and implements energy conservation strategies to encourage behavioral changes from the campus community; develops energy related projects and forecasts; monitors all consumption and costs for University utilities; prepares and distributes monthly, quarterly, yearly and bi-annual reports; works closely with departments and auxiliaries on energy related issues; develops reports for monitoring and verification by energy savings project funding organization; prepares of conceptual plans and development of potential energy conservation projects; models potential projects that can be undertaken by the University to conserve energy and yield savings; seeks out and push forward projects on an annual basis for consideration for future funding; develops and maintains a list of priority projects; responsible for incentive and rebate management and seeks out various alternate funding sources available including grants, utility rebates and incentives, etc.; provides economic analysis for the purpose of making recommendations for the lowest cost financing alternative; prepares, prioritizes and submits rebate applications and funding proposals; and performs other duties as assigned.

Candidates should apply by completing the CSUN on-line application utilizing: http://bit.ly/HRCSUN link and must attach a cover letter that addresses the qualifications above and a current resume, including names of three professional references.  NOTE: Internal candidates should apply through the portal by accessing the View Job Openings/Apply link on the Human Resources/Employee pagelet.

Volunteer at the Annual Staff Picnic (Posted 8/6/18)

Help SSN make the Annual Staff Picnic a Zero Waste Event!

Sign up here to volunteer on Friday, August 10 as a “Trash Talker” (helping staff dispose of waste properly), handing out reusable sports, staffing the SSN table, directing staff to water refill stations, participating in the waste audit, setup/cleanup or creating signage. Can’t help out for more than a half hour? That’s okay; we need all the help we can get! Volunteers will receive lunch and a sustainability appreciation gift from UC San Diego Sustainability.

Food Recovery Network Driver (Posted 8/3/18)

Are you looking for a part-time job that combines your love for community service and passion for food justice? Our new program Fresh and Full Food Transportation is hiring a driver.  Check out the application on Handshake for more information about the position here.

UCLA Zero Waste Coordinator (Posted 7/30/18)

The coordinator serves as an advocate for waste diversion and aversion practices on campus, and works toward improving the infrastructure, programs, and services that are available to campus users to make zero waste possible. Under general supervision of the Manager of Grounds maintenance and working closely with the Office of Sustainability, the coordinator will implement and provide annual updates to the Zero Waste Plan for the University.

Details and application here.

UCSF Sustainability Coordinator (Posted 7/30/18)

UCSF is hiring a Sustainability Coordinator to develop, implement, and monitor UCSF sustainability efforts to include energy, waste management, recycling, resource recovery, greenhouse gases, transportation, supply chain, facilities, food service, and design for environment. The coordinator will be responsible for establishing and maintaining metrics for sustainability goals and evaluating progress towards goals, and providing information for reporting. Applications can be found here. Interested individuals should contact Gail Lee at Gail.Lee@ucsf.edu 

UC Berkeley Planners (Posted 7/30/18) 

We’re looking for 2 planners to join our exciting team ASAP. We’ll start interviewing within the next few weeks.

  1. Senior Planner – We’re looking for this position with significant CEQA expertise and is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to progress his or her career by managing the development of UC Berkeley’s next LRDP EIR. It’s called Planning Specialist 4, Capital Strategies (0488U) #25432 on our jobs’ website. This is a 2 year contract position.
  2. Assistant Planner – This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is early in their career and want to advance by learning how physical and environmental planning at a large campus works ranging from managing small projects themselves to assisting seasoned professionals on larger ones. It’s called Assistant Planner, Capital Strategies (7082U) #25431 on our jobs’ website.

Global Climate Leadership Council (GCLC) & UC Sustainability Steering Committee (UCSSC) (Posted 7/23/18)
These two committees are served by the same representatives.

The GCLC advises the President and Executive Vice President-Business Operations to assure successful implementation of the plan for achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, as well as to disseminate campus sustainability best practices. The Council will connect and coordinate the efforts of all relevant stakeholder groups and will integrate UC’s range of sustainability goals and policies into the Carbon Neutrality Initiative. The Council will connect implementation of the President’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative to UC’s teaching and public service mission.

The GCLC includes 10 working groups, including: 1) Energy Services; 2) Applicable Research; 3) Campus & Medical Center Climate Action Plans; 4) Policy; 5) Faculty Engagement & Education; 6) Student Engagement; 7) UC Health; 8) Financial; 9) Communications and Political Advocacy; and 10) California Environmental Leadership.

Student representatives are expected to participate in the Student Engagement Working Group. That working group meets monthly via conference call. GCLC meets three times per year. Meetings will be hosted by campuses on a rotating basis, allowing the Council to tour best practices in sustainable operations as well as living laboratory research projects. The co-chairs and members of the Council will serve two-year terms.

The Sustainability Steering Committee meets annually each Fall to determine the direction of systemwide policy and makes recommendations to the UC President based on the suggestions of the six policy working groups:

  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Sustainable Renovations
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Food Practices

Working group members are appointed by the campus Sustainability Steering Committee member or the Working Group Chair. All campuses are represented on each of the working groups. In addition, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Professionals from each campus function as a working group, but the members of that group are not appointed by the Steering Committee or by a Working Group Chair. Working Groups propose amendments and additions to existing policy to the Steering Committee, coordinate the implementation of their respective policy sections by sharing best practices, and provide the Steering Committee with updates on implementation progress and challenges. Working groups meet several times each year by conference call. Working Group Chairs attend Sustainability Steering Committee meetings.

Details here.

UCSF Sustainability Coordinator Position (Posted 7/15/18)

The Sustainability Coordinator’ job involves working with students, faculty, and staff, and students to develop, coordinate, and promote effective sustainability initiatives related to the University’s academic, operational and outreach functions. Develops and/or implements a sustainability strategy and performance metrics for a department, campus or hospital by integrating sustainability into long-range planning and ongoing operations.

The Sustainability Coordinator enables University stakeholders to improve sustainability outcomes; coordinating and project managing programming and activities related to sustainability and undertaking research on sustainability-related topics. Facilitates cross-department collaboration across operational, academic, and clinical departments. Coordinates and tracks operational programs including energy, food service, waste management, recycling, resource efficiency, greenhouse gas reporting/reductions, transportation, supply chain, facilities, biodiversity and design for environment. Promotes connections and synergies between environmental protection, economic stability, and social equity in the University’s activities.

Details and application here.

Careers at the Center for Sustainable Energy (Posted 6/29/18)

Our clean energy future depends on a strong, low-carbon economy that provides abundant jobs and business opportunities, a high quality of life and a clean, healthy environment. To bring about such a future, each of us must make wise choices now.

The Center for Sustainable Energy® (CSE) provides people with information, incentives and opportunities to help make these choices easier. We work with policymakers, public agencies, local governments, utilities, business and civic leaders and individuals to transform the energy marketplace and beyond.

Come join the team and be a part of changing the future!

View more open positions here.


UC Santa Cruz Water & Climate Action Manager (Posted 6/26/18)

The Water & Climate Action Manager plays an integral role on a team of 5 staff and 30+ students in the Sustainability Office, supporting the development and implementation of UCSC’s Campus Sustainability Plan, and more! The initial review date is 7/15/18.
Apply Here.

Sustainability Program Specialist, USC Office of Sustainability (Posted 6/21/18)

The USC Office of Sustainability is seeking a Sustainability Program Specialist to assist with various campus waste diversion initiatives, including coordinating the Memorial Coliseum Zero Waste program for Trojan and Rams home games during the 2018 football season. Please note this is a fixed-term position lasting approximately seven months, beginning July 2018. It entails working Saturdays and/or Sundays (game days), sometimes starting as early as 6AM, approximately 35 hours/week.

Job posted here.

UCLA is hiring a zero waste coordinator

The coordinator serves as an advocate for waste diversion and aversion practices on campus, and works toward improving the infrastructure, programs, and services that are available to campus users to make zero waste possible. Under general supervision of the Manager of Grounds maintenance and working closely with the Office of Sustainability, the coordinator will implement and provide annual updates to the Zero Waste Plan for the University.

Passionate about Food Justice & Sustainability – APPLY NOW

Marshall Residential Life is looking to hire two student staff for the Marshall Community Garden. We are looking for student leaders who are passionate about food access, food justice, and sustainability. Check out more information below!
The Thurgood Marshall Community Garden serves as an opportunity to learn about social responsibility through sustainable living, provide outdoor study area, and a means to develop a close-knit Marshall community. Keeping in line with the Marshall core philosophy of social justice, this garden will provide access for all students of Marshall College, which include residents, as well as commuters and transfers, to take part in sustainable growing and exercise their right to grow their own fresh, organic food. The garden will serve as an open forum for students of all backgrounds and socioeconomic strata to come together and engage in community building.
DESCRIPTION: Community Garden Caretaker

The Marshall Community Garden Caretaker is responsible for the general maintenance and enhancement of the garden, carrying out a range of duties that include irrigating soil, plants, and trees, planting and harvesting crops, improving and amending the soil, building healthy compost, digging trenches, handling basic repairs and general handiwork. The Caretaker, as a student leader, will also focus on making the space more visible to on-campus partners and increasing Marshall student engagement with the garden, as well as play an active and critical role in developing a garden club and a student-volunteer base for garden work days and/or events. The Caretaker will also develop a relationship with a local farm that provides access to plant starters, certified organic fertilizer (COF), soil amendment techniques/strategies, and educational and gardening guidance.

In collaboration with the Marshall Community Garden Coordinator, the Caretaker will also play a significant role in supporting and building the Community Garden as an educational and recreational resource for Marshall students and the greater community. Working together, they will identify and develop partnerships with on-campus and off-campus organizations, local farms and other food-related resources. Both the Caretaker and Coordinator will serve as the front-line co-representatives of the Community Garden when communicating with Residential Life, Student Affairs, The Hub and Triton Food Pantry, Facilities Management, Housing Dining and Hospitality, the Sustainability Resource Center, and all UCSD Community Gardens (Grow Council).

In collaboration with the Garden Coordinator and Garden Team/Club, develop and plan events that focus on increasing student awareness, knowledge, and action towards growing food, nutrition, health and wellness, food-related illnesses, food justice, sustainability and environmental issues.
DESCRIPTION: Marshall Community Garden Coordinator

The Marshall Community Garden Coordinator is responsible for making the garden more visible to on-campus partners and increasing Marshall student engagement with the garden through programming and events. The Coordinator, as a student leader, will also play an active and critical role in developing a garden club and a student-volunteer base for garden work days and/or events. The coordinator will also independently handle administrative tasks including managing the Marshall Community Garden Facebook and Gmail accounts, calendering, creating meeting agendas, and facilitating event planning.

In collaboration with the Marshall Community Garden Caretaker, the coordinator will also play a significant role in supporting and building the Community Garden as an educational and recreational resource for Marshall students and the greater community. Working together, they will identify and develop partnerships with on-campus and off-campus organizations and resources. Both the Caretaker and Coordinator will serve as the front-line co-representatives of the Community Garden when communicating with Residential Life, Student Affairs, The Hub and Triton Food Pantry, Facilities Management, Housing Dining and Hospitality, the Sustainability Resource Center, and all UCSD community gardens (Grow Council).

In collaboration with the Garden Caretaker and Garden Team/Club, develop and plan events that focus on increasing student awareness, knowledge, and action towards growing food, nutrition, health and wellness, food-related illnesses, food justice, sustainability and environmental issues.

To apply: Login and Create an account through the new UCSD job portal and search for the Marshall Community Garden positions

download.pngSSC Cycle 10 Director of External Affairs Application 

The Student Sustainability Collective is now hiring a Director of External Affairs for the 2018-2019 academic year! The SSC is a student-run collective dedicated to environmental and social justice on campus and beyond. The SSC emphasizes community, collaboration, and empowerment to foster a culture of responsibility and to ensure a sustainable future.

More information on the collective and individual director positions can be found on our website. Our application is open until June 6th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to come by the Sustainability Resource Center (SRC) next to PC Theater on weekdays from 9am – 4:30pm to chat with a current staff member.

Energy and Sustainability team jobs, City of San Diego 

The City of San Diego has job opportunities on the Energy and Sustainability team to work on projects including building energy benchmarking, municipal energy strategy, and more. If interested, please contact ylu@sandiego.gov.

Seven $4,000 UC Scholarships – Global Food and Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

There are seven $4,000 Fellowships for projects related to the UC Global Food and Carbon Neutrality Initiatives:

Global Food Initiative – Three students will be selected for the Research Fellowship. One student will be selected for the Student Ambassador Fellowship – which includes an additional $500 for program funding.

Carbon Neutrality Initiative – Two students will be selected for the Research Fellowship. One student will be selected for the Student Engagement Fellowship – which includes an additional $1,000 for program funding.

Due Date is Monday, May 21, 2018.

Check out the applications here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Becky Obayashi – Financial Aid/Scholarships (858) 534-1067 robayashi@ucsd.edu

420226ad006b4e8d9037a97c1af9da11_400x400.jpgEconauts Job (Posted 5/10/18)

The Econaut job application for next year is out on Handshake.

Through education, events, and programming, the Housing • Dining • Hospitality EcoNauts represent the department’s sustainable efforts and ensure we practice what we preach—recycle, conserve, and sustain! Making the best use of natural resources, minimizing negative impact on our environment, and satisfying our customers are our main objectives.

FRN.gifFood Recovery Network ’18-19 Principal Member Applications (Posted 5/7/18)

The apps will close at the end of week 6 (5/11) and any questions can be emailed to frn@ucsd.edu. Previous experience is desired but can be compensated with a lot of passion for tackling food insecurity and fighting food waste.

This is the link.

odi_logo.pngOcean Discovery Institute Mentors (Posted 5/1/18)

Ocean Discovery Institute is a local nonprofit organization that delivers tuition-free, educational, scientific research, and environmental stewardship experiences to the students of City Heights. Our mission is to use science to empower young people, from urban and underserved communities to transform their lives, their community, and our world as science and conservation leaders.

We are seeking individuals to act as Mentors for our Ocean Leaders who will be embarking on their postsecondary transition in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  You will play a significant role in empowering students to critically think about their future next steps and take the appropriate actions, which includes applying to relevant programs/universities, navigating financial aid and scholarships, and overall guiding their postsecondary decision-making process.  For more detail, please see the position description attached.

We will be holding an informational session on May 8th at 5:30-7:00pm and would love for you to come to Ocean Discovery’s Construction Trailer to learn more about this personally rewarding volunteer experience.  We require all of our Mentors to commit to a full school year of service (September to June), with “get-to-know-you” activities scheduled in May and June, so please consider this as you think about your involvement.

Please RSVP to ccontreras@oceandi.org by Wednesday, May 2nd if you plan on attending the info session. We will send you a confirmation email with directions and additional information closer to the date.  If you already feel strongly about this program and are ready to commit, please register and apply to be a volunteer through our registration portal here.

Life Course Scholars Program (Posted 5/1/18)


This program is under the Urban Studies Department and funded by the UCSD Center for Healthy Aging.

This program is an interdisciplinary, cross-generational, multi-site learning experience for UC San Diego undergraduates that aims to transform their understanding of aging, health, learning and research, as well as connect them more deeply to the people and places of surrounding San Diego communities. More information can be found on our website.

static1.squarespace.pngSan Diego Food System Alliance Internships (Posted 4/17/18)

Are you committed to improving our food environment in San Diego? Would you like to learn more about the collaborative efforts affecting positive change in our community? Join our dynamic and growing team to make an impact! We’re offering two summer internships at San Diego Food System Alliance.

Applications are due April 30th.

San Diego Food System Alliance
Developing and maintaining an equitable, healthy and sustainable food system in San Diego County

San Diego Food System Alliance is a fiscally sponsored project of Leah’s Pantry (Tax ID: 20-5512442) 

Ways to get involved:

Inter-Sustainability Council Green Talks Volunteer (Posted 4/16/18)

Sign-ups are open for volunteering at Green Talks! This is a great way to get involved with the Inter-Sustainability Council, gain hands-on experience, and network with sustainability-minded people.

Sign up to volunteer here!

Sullivan-Solar-Logo.jpgSullivan Solar Power Positions (Posted 4/13/18)

Community Development Assistant – full time
HR and Talent Development Coordinator – part time

We are one of the Top Workplaces in San Diego according to San Diego Union Tribune, and one of the nation’s largest and most established solar companies, according to Solar Power World. We are also one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, according to INC Magazine. We are now looking for a Community Development Assistant at Sullivan Solar Power. This position is for our San Diego headquarters. This position requires work during the evenings and/or weekends, based on our events’ schedule.

images.pngUC Riverside Sustainability Officer (Posted 4/10/18)

UC Riverside is hiring a University Sustainability Officer for their restructured sustainability program.

Description: Serves as a leader of UC Riverside’s sustainability efforts to foster a culture of sustainability among students, faculty and staff, identifying and prioritizing areas for institutional sustainability efforts; planning and development of short and long range plans and engaging other campus leaders to foster sustainability broadly across campus units, working closely with the UCR Director of Academic Sustainability, the incumbent will work to establish UC Riverside as a leader in the field of Sustainability by promoting broader awareness of UC Riverside’s environmental, social and financial sustainability successes and accomplishments. Effectively works with all elements of the campus to communicate and further the goals and initiatives of the campus sustainability program, fosters partnerships between academics, research and operational departments to further campus sustainability goals. The position will establish and maintain an effective communication strategy, developing and coordinating education and outreach programs in support of UC Riverside’s sustainability, energy management, and resource conservation programs. The Sustainability Officer will work closely with the UCR Director of Academic Sustainability to enhance and track sustainability focused on related curriculum and research. This position will also work with project managers, building committees and design teams to ensure that U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines are met in all new campus construction projects. Provides expertise and advice in the reduction of UCR’s resources and consumption; develops, implements and evaluates comprehensive sustainability programs and supervises pilot projects to expand sustainability on campus. The Sustainability Officer will monitor compliance with all UC Sustainable Practice Policies, as well as serve as liaison to UC Office of the President (UCOP) to ensure campus compliance with annual reporting and other sustainability policies; serves as UCR’s representative to the UC Sustainability Steering Committee and represents UC Riverside’s sustainability programs to the public by attending professional meetings and interfacing with external organizations. The Sustainability Officer will also act as vice-chair of the UCR Sustainability Committee. The incumbent will promote UC Riverside’s sustainability program by utilizing campus expertise, peer institution best practices, sustainability literature and conferences. The Sustainability Officer will evaluate all University purchasing practices and encourage the purchase of sustainable products and services throughout the campus, The Sustainability Officer will lead the efforts in the completion and subsequent updates of UCR’s Climate Action, Clean Energy, Integrated Waste Diversion, Water Action and Sustainability Action Plans. In addition, the Sustainability Officer manages the UC Green Lab program for the UCR campus.

Details here.

download.pngSan Diego River Park Foundation RiverBlitz (Posted 3/28/18)

Calling all volunteers with an interest in ecology and a passion for the environment! Once a year, volunteer teams use a smart phone app to document invasive plant species along the San Diego River. This point-in-time data allows the San Diego River Park Foundation to measure the health of the riparian ecosystem and plan habitat improvement strategies

Volunteers should be comfortable with hiking short distances, including going up and down embankments and ducking around under vegetation. No experience necessary and all supplies will be provided.

This is a wonderful hands-on opportunity and a great way to make a difference for the future of the river and surrounding area. For more info and to RSVP, call619.297.7380 or email volunteer@sandiegoriver.org. Please indicate which shift(s) you would like to sign up for when your RSVP. Community service hours can be verified.

Available Shifts:

  • Saturday, 4/7, 9am-noon (Santee)
  • Saturday, 4/7, 1pm-3pm (Santee)
  • Sunday, 4/8, 9am-noon (Santee)
  • Saturday, 4/14, 9am-noon (Mission Valley East)
  • Saturday, 4/14, 1pm-3pm (Mission Valley East)
  • Sunday, 4/15, 9am-nnon (Mission Valley West)

Airport Authority Internship (Posted 3/14/18)


The intern for the Planning and Environmental Affairs Department will gain valuable, on the-ground experience designing and implementing initiatives to ensure that the Airport meets its environmental sustainability commitments. The intern will gain a better understanding of the critical role of collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and adaptive management in creating successful environmental programs and policies.


  • Supporting in the inventory and maintenance of the Ground Support Equipment.
  • Assisting with the continued implementation of the Green Concessions program.
  • Assisting with the bi-annual waste audit through the Authority’s waste hauler.
  • Gathering data and input for the sustainability report.

Details and application here.

Student Sustainability Collective Directors (Posted 3/6/18)

The Student Sustainability Collective is now hiring directors for the 2018-2019 academic year! The SSC is a student-run collective dedicated to environmental and social justice on campus and beyond. The SSC emphasizes community, collaboration, and empowerment to foster a culture of responsibility and to ensure a sustainable future.

Information on the collective and individual director positions are listed on our website.

Our application is open until April 8th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to come by the Sustainablility Resource Center (SRC) next to PC Theater on weekdays from 9am – 4:30pm to chat with a current staff member.

Have A Go Internship (Posted 3/1/18)

Have A Go, a startup working to disrupt the current car-centric transportation system with lightweight electric vehicles, is looking to hire an intern.

If you think the future shouldn’t suck but are frustrated about not being able to do anything about it, see if this position might interest you.

Here are some serious global problems:

  • Global Warming
  • 1.3 Million Deaths
  • Oil/Energy Conflicts
  • Pollution
  • Traffic
  • Urban Stress

They have one primary culprit: our car-centric transportation system. We’re a startup working to disrupt this old model. Our goal is to help shift urban mobility away from legacy vehicles to a new class of fun, sustainable, and cheap electric wheels.

Have A Go will pilot several E-Wheel/Mobility Pop-Up events around Los Angeles to educate and excite people about this new class of mobility, giving people the chance to try out various models of e-wheels.

We’re looking for an intern who is ready and excited to lead such an initiative!

A great internship for those who want real experience in marketing and business development in an LA based startup.

  • Learn about startups/tech, marketing, business development
  • Not your daddy’s internship: lead a project
  • Unpaid Internship
  • Receive College Credit
  • 15-20 hours/week
  • March – June

The deadline to apply is this Friday, March 2nd.

PLAN Internship Positions (Posted 3/1/18)

Intern Positions:
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Timeline: June 1, 2018 – August 11, 2018
Compensation: $3000 stipend
More info here.

Partner Expansion Intern
PLAN is seeking a student with an interest in the role of for-profits and industry in the zero waste movement and a strategic approach to development.

Reuse Economy Interns (2)
The Reuse Economy Research interns will work with PLAN and Goodwill Industries International to develop resources to help campuses and Goodwill outlets collaborate on projects to promote reuse.

Create Your Own Internship: EJ & Zero Waste
PLAN is seeking a student that is inspired to build or develop a project that is focused on the intersectional framework of environmental justice movement and broader social justice work. This internship is an opportunity to come to us with your wildest dreams to further racial, gender, and other forms of social justice within the zero waste movement.

Applications are due March 18 for priority consideration (though we’ll accept applicants until April 1 on a rolling basis.)

Second Nature Manager of Cross-Sector Climate Action (Posted 2/22/18)

Second Nature just got funding to hire a Manager of Cross-Sector Climate Action—the primary responsibility of this new hire will be the management and coordination of the new University Climate Change Coalition we just launched.

Exciting opportunity to assist in Second Nature’s emerging cross-sector climate work and manage the early stage development of a new network of research institutions known as the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3). Reporting to the Director of Education and Partnerships, the manager will work across the Second Nature team to support for Second Nature’s cross-sector initiatives, with project management responsibilities for UC3. Accessibility to Second Nature’s Boston office is strongly preferred, but remote work may be considered for highly qualified candidates, particularly in the Washington D.C. region.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Serve as Second Nature’s network manager for the UC3. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Facilitate and align ongoing efforts among the UC3 representatives
    • Coordinate internal group communications and scheduling
    • Coordinate public communications efforts with UC3 campuses as well as integration into Second Nature’s communications
    • Assist with distribution and compilation of relevant resources to maximize impact and connections between UC3’s forums
    • Complete UC3’s Phase One synthesis report
    • Cultivate external partnerships that can support the work of the UC3
    • Present to external and public audiences about UC3 progress, including coordinating UC3’s activities at the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit
  • Serve as support staff for Second Nature’s cross-sector climate initiatives
  • With assistance from Second Nature staff and campus partners, curate resource development (webinar content, virtual content, print materials, etc) in support of Second Nature’s cross-sector climate initiatives
  • Assist in fundraising activities for Second Nature’s cross-sector efforts

About Second Nature:

Second Nature’s mission is to accelerate climate action in, and through, higher education. For more information about the organization, please see www.secondnature.org. Second Nature, a Boston-based non-profit, leads the nationally recognized Climate Leadership Network, a group of nearly 600 institutions where presidents and chancellors of the colleges and universities commit their institutions to carbon neutrality and climate resilience. Second Nature has also led higher education’s involvement in We Are Still In – a cross-sector initiative recently launched to accelerate US climate action.


  • Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, public policy, climate / environmental management, international affairs or related field is required. Master’s degree or higher preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working climate-related and/or deep carbon reduction projects preferably with cross-sector stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to align and empower network participants to act together on an emerging climate initiative
  • Passion, understanding, and commitment to the organizational mission of accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education
  • Experience translating technical information into broadly accessible resources
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability for strategic thinking and innovation
  • High energy, positive, “can-do” attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail
  • High degree of independent initiative and problem-solving
  • Experience with graphic design software, WordPress, and online communication platforms a plus

Position Classification:

This is a project-based, full‐time salaried position that is fully funded for the first year and a high likelihood of renewal in future years. Compensation will commensurate with experience. A competitive benefits package is provided. Application deadline is March 2, 2018.

Second Nature is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on any of the following: race, religious creed, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics, national origin, religion, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, military service or veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other classification protected by federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

Note that the position is based in Boston or D.C.

Details and application can be found here.

Volunteer at Earl’s Community Garden (Posted 2/7/18)

Volunteers are wanted to help refurbish the community garden located in Warren at UCSD. Interested students can contact Katie Oberman at koberman@ucsd.edu to get involved.

My Last Trash Communications Intern (Posted 2/6/18)

The Sustainability Programs Office at UC San Diego (sustain.ucsd.edu) collaborates across campus to infuse sustainability into everything we do: curriculum, operations, research and engagement. Interns at the sustainability program play a critical role in expanding UC San Diego’s innovative sustainability leadership.

Interns report to the Sustainability Resource Center Manager, assisting in a variety of projects and tasks which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist with outreach, marketing and communications related to My Last Trash (https://zerowaste2020.universityofcalifornia.edu/), especially to students. This includes, but is not limited to tabling at events; conducting social media campaigns and raffles; designing and putting up posters and flyers; writing blog posts; speaking at student organization meetings and events; and more.
  • Assist with UC San Diego’s participation in RecycleMania.
  • Assist with writing newsletter and website content related to My Last Trash,
  • RecycleMania, and zero waste.
  • Partner with other departments and student organizations on zero waste related events and activities. Partners include but aren’t limited to HDH EcoNauts; Sports
  • Facilities and Recreation; University Centers; the Student InterSustainability Council and its membership student organizations; Associated Students; the Student Sustainability Collective; etc.
  • Collaborate with the waste minimization, recycling and composting aspects of UC San Diego’s Green Lab and Green Office programs, including the printing, laminating, and distribution/posting of updated recycling signage and guides.
  • Assist as needed with communications, outreach and marketing related to composting at UC San Diego Gardens, in partnership with Grow UCSD.
  • Assist as needed with communications, outreach and marketing related to Big Bellies (outside trash, recycling and composting bins.)
  • Meet with students, staff, faculty or other stakeholders who have questions related to UC San Diego’s zero waste/My last Trash efforts
  • Assist as needed with writing student and staff outreach and marketing sections of UC San Diego’s forthcoming Zero Waste 2020 plan.
  • Assist as needed with zero waste/My Last Trash related events put on by the Staff Sustainability Network.
  • Assist as needed in implementing sustainability events (UC San Diego’s Earth Month, Sustainability Awards ceremony, ISC Green Talks, Sustainability Plazapalooza, etc.) and communications run by the Sustainability Programs Office.
  • Attend sustainability-related meetings, including regular intern and staff meetings.
    Perform administrative tasks.
    Assist as needed with greeting Sustainability Resource Center visitors; answering emails and phones; maintaining common area/ front desk entryway; etc.
  •  The University of California is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation.
View Job Posting on Port Triton #848425

Apply here.

San Diego Food System Alliance (Posted 2/6/18)

Are you committed to improving our food environment in San Diego? Do you love working collaboratively with diverse partners in the community? Are you an excellent project manager or a creative story-teller great at identifying resources?  The San Diego Food System Alliance is hiring for two new full-time positions.

Applications are due Feb 28th, 2018.

Image result for ucopUCOP Energy and Sustainability Office (Posted 2/1/18)

Our department currently has three positions open.

  1. Associate Director of Sustainability (green building/climate action/transportation)

The Associate Director for Sustainability develops and implements system-wide strategies to achieve the University of California’s system-wide sustainability goals in collaboration with other UC Office of the President (UCOP) staff and campus stakeholders. Working with the growing network of campus sustainability officers and with system-wide working groups focused on implementing UC sustainability goals, the incumbent develops business cases for programs, conducts financial analysis, collaboratively coordinates strategic planning efforts, develops and implements system-wide financing and grant programs, and develops strategic partnerships with private, public, and nonprofit stakeholders.

  1. Associate Director of Sustainability (hospitals/labs/zero waste/procurement)

The Associate Director for Sustainability is responsible for overall management of major elements of the system-wide sustainability program, including the development and implementation of actions plans for zero waste, sustainable water systems, environmentally preferable procurement, greening research laboratory operations, and greening UC’s medical centers. The incumbent is also responsible for managing select programs and projects in support of the Carbon Neutrality Initiative, especially those related to medical centers and to procurement. These assignments are expected to evolve as the sustainability program grows and develops. Sustainability by its nature cuts across divisions, departments, and disciplines. Management responsibilities are complex and variable depending on the topic and assignment and will range from having sole responsibility, to being the managing team leader, to being key support for departmental and division leadership.

  1. Energy Financial Analyst

The Energy Financial Analyst will reside in the energy side of the Energy and Sustainability team but also support members of the Energy and Sustainability team in general whole group if/as needed.  The position will report to me but take work load off of the power and gas/bio-gas people in the Energy ground.  The successful candidate will provide analytical and administrative skills to the University of California Office of the President Energy and Sustainability team. Analytical skills refer to the ability to analyze energy transactions, market data, gas and electric rate information in support of existing and contemplated transactions. Administrative skills refer to the requirement to help support the payment (from and to) internal and external (campuses and vendors/suppliers) participants and suppliers to the renewable energy program at UC (some AP/AR support). The position will also provide general support to Energy and Sustainability team as needed such as annual carbon footprint calculations for the University of California Office of the President and possible social media or other communications work.  It’s a combination of cool analytical stuff and (cool) administrative stuff.

Prevent Cruelty California (Posted 1/30/18) 

Prevent Cruelty California is a ballot measure to prevent animal cruelty, improve food safety, protect the environment, and improve conditions for farm workers. Cruel conditions on factory farms serve as a breeding ground for dangerous diseases and bacteria, which often end up in our food. Voters across California are signing petitions to place a commonsense measure on the ballot that would help prevent animal cruelty and ensure a safer food supply. 

A YES! vote on this proposition will guarantee that veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens aren’t locked in cramped cages inside California factory farms. It will also ensure that meat and eggs sold in California meet this modest animal welfare and food safety requirement. Major companies like Walmart and McDonald’s are already implementing similar standards. And yet, agribusiness lobbyists are still fighting these common-sense, moderate regulations. You can learn more about the campaign here.

We can make a MONUMENTAL change in policy for public health, animal welfare, environmental and water management, farmer protection, and consumer safety.  

 InternVolunteer, or Work to prevent cruelty! 

Givebutter Campus Ambassador Position (Posted 1/30/18) 

Givebutter is now hiring campus ambassadors at UCSD for Spring 2018. Givebutter is a social fundraising platform used by student orgs at over 300 campuses to raise money for philanthropy, events, trips, expenses & more. This position requires only an hour per week of work and is the perfect way to acquire real-world sales/marketing experience, grow your resume, give back to your community, and get rewarded for doing so.

Learn more and apply herehttps://givebutter.com/ambassadors

Company: Givebutter – a social fundraising and payment collection platform for student orgs and nonprofits
Position: Givebutter Ambassador
Responsibilities: Persuade students, friends, and groups on campus to fundraise on Givebutter (for philanthropy, trips, events, etc.)
Compensation: Up to $2,000 cash (and swag, of course)
Timeframe: 12 weeks (rolling admission, flexible start date)
Time Commitment: Check-in once per week online (10-60 mins / week)
How to Apply: Visit https://givebutter.com/ambassadors and click “Join now” – the application takes less than 5 minutes

Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Research Scholarship (Posted 1/18/18)

Applications due February 15, 2018: APPLY HERE
The Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Scholarship is an undergraduate research scholarship (URS) opportunity provided by Starbucks Corporation in collaboration with University Centers at UC San Diego. One (1) scholarship will be available each year, with the award totaling $5,000. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist UC San Diego students with research or learning projects related to sustainable food production and distribution, resource conservation, or agricultural environmental practices (herein referred to as the project). A faculty sponsor must be referenced.

BNIM (Posted 1/16/18)

BNIM San Diego is seeking new, talented individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment of multidisciplinary professionals, visit their Career Center to apply.


About BNIM: We deliver beautiful, integrated, living environments that inspire change and enhance the human condition. Architect Magazine has distinguished BNIM in the 2017 Architect 50 with rankings of #22 overall, #17 in design, and #11 in sustainability. This national, annual list ranks firms based on judged design portfolios, project metrics, and other data. It emphasizes our commitment to human-purposed integrated design (HP.id), recognizing the opportunity for elevating human experiences within the intersections of interdisciplinary environments and high-performance building design.

Dr. Bronner’s Internship 2018 (Posted 1/16/18)

Dr. Bronner’s is committed to building the Fair Trade movement in as many ways as possible. To this end, we launched a Fair Trade Internship Program in 2017 whose aim is to inspire aspiring business students with first-hand knowledge of how a viable Fair Trade business actually functions. Through a weekly Fair Trade curriculum, rotational exposure to different aspects of our business operations, and individual department-specific project work within the “engine room” of the company, our interns will both contribute to the business and, more importantly, will learn about Dr. Bronner’s, Fair Trade supply chains, and Fair Trade principles in action. We hope that this program will plant seeds in the minds of our interns and help shape the careers of future business leaders.

Internship Structure

  • This is a paid, 10-week summer internship;
  • Interns will work 40 hours/week, Monday – Friday, from May 29 – August 3, 2018;
  • Hourly wage for Interns is $18.00;
  • Free vegan lunches will be provided through our All-One Cafe
  • Shared housing for interns is also provided in San Diego County, CA.
  • Interns are expected to provide administrative and program support to their department manager, complete at least one project of their own coordination, participate in company-wide rotations and special events, and attend weekly luncheons to gain exposure to other aspects of the business and learn about Fair Trade.

Intern Application & Selection Details

Interns will be selected from collegiate business programs.

Applicants must apply online and  submit the following documents no later than February 17, 2018.

  • Cover letter describing interest in specific internship position and qualifications, including any previous work or internship experience.
  • Resume
  • College transcript (unofficial is fine).
  • Letter of recommendation from previous employer or professor.

Program Focus & Curriculum

Each Intern will have administrative/supportive tasks and a single larger project to complete over the course of the summer that contributes to the business, within one or more of the following departments:

  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Quality Assurance, Compliance & Sustainability
  • Operations Administration
  • Production Administration

To gain a broader understanding of both Dr. Bronner’s as a business and of Fair Trade principles, Interns will attend weekly seminars at lunch featuring different department leaders following the program curriculum outlined below. In some cases, Interns will also spend time during that week working with that department (e.g. filling soap, doing a foam event, demo in-store, etc.). Topics of Fair Trade Principles include: Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Projects, Fair Trade Premiums: How they work, Fair Trade Schemes: what exists?, Authentic Fair Trade: what is it and how can you tell?, Domestic Fair Trade, Fair Trade Activism: the frontier, Keys to Fair Trade Success, & The Future of Fair Trade.

Details here.

Community Health Associates Positions (Posted 01/03/18)

Community Health Associates (CHA) is a long-term, non-academic credit bearing service opportunity for students interested in social justice and health. Students focus on issues around refugee, women’s, indigent, and geriatric health via partnerships with community organizations either focused directly on health, or in need of programming assistance in that area. In order to become a Community Health Associate, students go through an application and matching process, service-learning pre-training, and are expected to serve at least 4 hours per week (minimum, they can do more if they want to—students may register for academic credit if they commit to 10 hours of service per week) at a community partner site for the remainder of the academic year. Students participate in regular reflection sessions where they process their experiences, learn new skills, and hear from professionals in various health related fields.

Ultimately students will be able to articulate an awareness of the impact of power, privilege, and structural inequality on the health of various diverse communities, and identify ethical, impact-sensitive steps that might be taken toward bettering quality of life and increasing equity. More immediately, they will be able to articulate the challenges nonprofit and public organizations face in trying to solve these issues, and how their service sites have adapted to meet them.

CHA Application, DUE FRIDAY JAN. 12

PLAN Job and Volunteer Opportunities (Posted 01/03/18)

PLAN is currently looking for passionate students and recent grads to join and advise the team starting this spring.

Student Advisory Board Member (Volunteer)
PLAN is launching a Student Advisory Board Committee to help guide the future of the organization and our relationships with campuses. We are seeking 6-8 passionate, critical students and recent graduates that are available to volunteer 2 hours every few months for a virtual board meeting.
Dates: One year commitment starting February 2018
Location: There is no requirement for geographical location of board members

Grassroots Expansion Fellow
The Grassroots Expansion Fellow will join the Campus Coordination team in expanding our network of student leaders in the zero waste movement. (Applications due Jan 22.)
Dates: Feb 19 – May 11th (with potential for future employment)
Location: Applicant must be located in the Mid-Atlantic region for the duration of the Fellowship.
Compensation: $5,000 stipend for 12 weeks

Creative Social Media Intern
PLAN is seeking a student with a knack for visual messaging and an interest in building social media campaigns with a variety of platforms.
Dates: January 19th – June 1st (Flexible)
Location: Satellite
Compensation: Unpaid, with possible school credit

If you have any questions, contact Megan: meghann@postlandfill.org

Applications can be found here.

AASHE PAID Education Internship (Posted 12/20/17)

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is seeking applications for a PAID student intern within the Programs division. The Education Intern will work from a virtual home providing ongoing administrative support for AASHE’s professional development programs. The ideal candidate is a student at an AASHE member institution (UC San Diego is one), has experience in higher education sustainability and the ability to work independently with limited supervision. Please review the job application for full details.  Applications are due January 19, 2018.

SDGBC Community Coordinator (Posted 12/13/17)

The San Diego Green Building Council (SDGBC) is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to inspire, educate and collaborate within our community to transform our built environment toward true sustainability.

SDGBC seeks a candidate to join our team as a Community Coordinator to help us grow our community and programs.  This is a full-time, entry-level position. Primary work will be performed at the SDGBC Office located in Downtown San Diego (East Village area). The Community Coordinator will also be expected to attend meetings and events located throughout San Diego County and work nights and weekends to support chapter events and meetings.

To view the full description and how to apply visit: http://usgbc-sd.org/community-coordinator

U.S. Borlaug Summer Institute on Global Food Security (Posted 12/13/17)

The U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Program will hold its seventh annual Summer Institute on Global Food Security Sunday, June 3 – Saturday, June 16, 2018 on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. This two-week learning program is for graduate students who are interested in developing a holistic understanding of the conceptual challenges around global food security with a focus on cross-disciplinary problem solving of real-world development challenges. Applicants must have completed at least one semester of graduate study and be enrolled in a U.S. institution at the time of applicationU.S. citizenship is not required.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Additional information and applications are available on the program website.

My Green Lab Hiring Two Data Interns for Winter/Spring 2018!   (Posted 12/06/17)

If you are interested in applying for this position please send your resume and a cover letter to info@mygreenlab.org.  Applications due January 10, 2018.

unnamed.pngMy Green Lab, a 510c3 non-profit dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of laboratories, is looking to hire two data analysts to assist with several upcoming projects. My Green Lab is a small organization with a grass-roots, start-up mentality, and is looking for motivated, passionate interns to join us in driving institutional change around lab sustainability across the country.
The data analyst interns will be responsible for
  • Analyzing energy data
  • Analyzing survey data
  • Assisting with developing metrics for My Green Lab’s national programs

Qualifications for the data analyst position include:

  • A demonstrated passion for My Green Lab’s mission
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to deliver results on-time

This position will report to the Executive Director (ED) and will work closely with the Green Labs Program Manager. Data analyst interns will be given the opportunity to contribute to publications and outreach material, and will be credited for their contributions. This position is an excellent opportunity for someone passionate about sustainability and interested in being part of a team that is fundamentally and permanently changing the way research is conducted in the United States.

The data analyst internship is from February to May 2018, with an option to continue through August. The internship is remote (there is no office), however analysts will be asked to meet with the Green Labs Program Manager in San Diego at least once per month. Data analysts are expected to work 5 hours/week throughout the duration of the internship. Data analysts will receive a stipend of $850 for their work from February – May.

Triton Food Pantry Volunteers (Posted 12/06/17)


The Triton Food Pantry is a service provided by the Associated Students to help serve students of the University of California, San Diego who face food insecurity on campus. The goal of the Triton Food Pantry is to ensure equitable access to nutritious food resources. Our mission aligns with the Office of Food and Housing Resources which is to help coordinate campus wide efforts to provide accessible, affordable, sustainable food and housing to all.

  • Streamline students who want further food assistance into CalFresh
  • Offer perishable goods and fresh produce
  • Offer delivery of food items
  • Provide quarterly data analysis on food pantry use
  • Secure future funding for the Triton Food Pantry
  • Provide a comfortable and safe space for students who face insecurity to use

Triton Food Pantry student volunteers are responsible and accountable for the following:

  • Appointed by the Triton Food Pantry Student Managers
  • Shall work in the Food Pantry 1-2 hours per week for the duration of the quarter (Weeks 1-10)
  • Shall report to and act under the direction of the Triton Food Pantry Student Managers
  • Shall assist the Triton Food Pantry Student Managers with maintaining the inventory of food and disbursement of the Food
  • Shall maintain the list of on-campus resources for those who experience Food or Living Insecurity
  • Shall be responsible for providing good customer service during their scheduled shift
  • Shall be a member of the ASUCSD
  • Shall reapply each quarter if long term volunteering is desired

Apply here.

Green Labs (Posted 11/30/17)

The Green Labs Program at UC San Diego is a partnership with a non-profit organization, My Green Labs, that aims to help labs gauge how sustainable their research is. How? Through a 150 question assessment that delves into 11 topics, ranging from water usage to hazardous waste management. The more practices a lab can claim it does, be it cleaning out obsolete samples from freezers to make them more space efficient, or using outlet timers to turn off equipment when they’re no longer needed, the higher the certification the lab receives. More than simply patting labs on the back to congratulate them for their sustainable practices, these certifications can help labs with getting funding, by setting them apart from other grant applicants as “green labs”.
Positions available:
  • Packaging Waste Diversion Lead
  • Sustainable Practices Lead
  • Lab Outreach Lead

Apply here.

Solar Energy Design (Posted 11/27/17)

Interested in solar energy and would like to join a start-up?

Chris Goldie, an energy consultant and sustainability engineer, is working on designing inexpensive renewable energy systems that can easily be incorporated into the existing built environment. The venture is still in its beginning stages. Currently, Chris is building prototypes and looking for cofounders with a strong background in energy storage systems, solar energy systems, or electronics.

If you are interested and would like to discuss your ideas on the future of solar system design, send an email to Chris Goldie at chriskgoldie@gmail.com

Build AUV’s for Climate Research, Yonder Dynamics (Posted on 11/22/17)

Are you an undergraduate student looking for a place to gain hands-on experience in exploratory robotics?

Undergraduate Organization Yonder Dynamics has expanded its project base into the sea with Yonder Deep. The new iterative undergraduate research team will be working to develop Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for climate research in tandem with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

From you, we need passion and motivation to work, basic technical skills, and a love of learning. As a people-first organization, your commitment is all we need to help you succeed in robotics. Many members have gone on to intern and work at companies including SpaceX, NASA, JPL, and General Atomic. If you have a solid foundation in any field, we will teach you to put it into practice. We are currently looking for those interested in:

  • Mechanical: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Stress testing, Mechanical Assembly, Composites.
  • Electrical: Power Systems, PCB design, Ultra-Low Frequency Communications, Motor Control and Drivers.
  • Software: Autonomous Guidance, Path-Planning, Micro-controllers, IMU’s, ULF & Acoustic Comms.
  • Business: External Relations, Internal Planning, PR, Graphics and Media.
  • Science: Marine Biology, Oceanography, Chemical Engineering.

Find the application and more information here.

*Please note this is a student organization and not an employment opportunity*

Inter-Sustainability Council Board Positions (Posted on 11/15/17)

ISC Mission: To unite the various organizations/departments of UC San Diego that promote sustainable development into a cohesive network. The Inter-Sustainability Council functions as an intermediary to improve coordination and outreach between these groups and the UCSD community.

Open Positions:

  • ISC Chairperson
  • 2018 Sustainability Job Fair Chair
  • 2018 Green Talks Chair
  • Eco-Bazaar Director
  • Marketing/Outreach

Click here for details on each position. To apply, email isc@ucsd.edu

San Diego River Park Foundation Internships (Posted on 11/13/17)

About the San Diego River Park Foundation Internship Program: Founded in 2001 , we are a nonprofit, environmental organization dedicated to the restoration of the San Diego River and creation of the San Diego River Park System. More info at http://www.sandiegoriver.org
We seek outgoing and hardworking interns, who are passionate about environmental conservation and community building. Internships at San Diego River Park Foundation are highly collaborative and feature on-the-job learning for students interested in nonprofits and local environmental issues.

Education and Outreach Intern

The Education and Outreach Intern will be dedicated to engaging youth within the San Diego River watershed, with the purpose of teaching kids the importance and value of our local ecosystem through hands-on, citizen science projects. This person will help to plan and execute various field studies and raise awareness of the challenges urban rivers face. This intern will also be responsible for representing the San Diego River Park Foundation out in the community through outreach.

Graphic Design and Outreach Intern

The Graphic Design Intern will provide graphic design content consistent with the branding of the San Diego River Park Foundation. These efforts will support efforts to recruit volunteers, forward our programs, and promote events. Interns may also be asked to help design interpretive panels, wayfinding and informational signage as
well as elements of park site design and renderings. In addition, interns will help with community outreach at various locations along the San Diego River.

Please also include samples of your design and graphic work when applying (link to online portfolio accepted)

Special Event Intern – River Kids Discovery Days

The Special Event Intern will be responsible for assisting the Community Engagement Manager in the planning and execution of our annual River Kids Discovery Days event. This event is an annual service-learning festival with 10-20 youth-friendly volunteer and education activities at multiple locations along the San Diego River. The intern must be available on March 9th and 10th to assist with event implementation.
For students seeking a semester-long commitment, it is also possible to combine this internship with our San Diego River Days Special Event internship (event dates: May 12th-20th).

Urban Restoration Field Intern 

The Urban Restoration Field Intern will assist in assessing, mapping and removing trash, stormwater debris and other types of litter found within the sensitive habitats of the San Diego River watershed. They will also engage and lead volunteers at regular community events organized to accomplish these tasks.

To apply for any of these internships:
Please email the following materials together in one email:
1. A resume (maximum of two pages)
2. A cover letter stating why this internship will benefit you
Please send all application materials to Bob Forthun, Education Coordinator, at bob@sandiegoriver.org. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the internship please email the above address or call 619-297-7380.

WCA Internship, West Coast Arborists, Inc. (Posted on 10/31/17)

West Coast Arborists, Inc., is a municipal tree company serving
communities that care about trees through California and Arizona. We
are seeking an intern in our San Diego office to:

  • Assist with special urban forestry projects like the California
    Initiative to Reduce Carbon and Limit Emissions and California Urban
    Wood Pathways.
  • Complete data entry and organizational tasks.
  • Assist with day-to-day operations.


  • 8am to 4pm: 10-20 hours/wk (weekly schedule can be created
    based on intern’s schedule)


  • Starting salary is $12.00 per hour DOE.


  • Learn and be exposed to daily operations and management of a
    full scale municipal tree company
  • Explore career opportunities within the urban forestry and
    arboricultural fields
  • Work on innovative and collaborative urban forestry projects
  • Network with professionals throughout San Diego County
  • Find professional mentors


  • Enthusiasm for trees and interest in urban forestry.
  • Pursuing a degree in arboriculture, plant science, environmental
    science/studies, landscape architecture, or any related field.
  • Demonstrated good writing skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively and to maintain effective working
  • Ability to learn quickly and put to use new skills and knowledge.
  • Desire to work and learn in a fast-paced environment.
  • Valid driver’s license at time of appointment and reliable transportation.


  • Any work or volunteer experience with trees, plants and community based environmental
  • Complete degree in arboriculture, horticulture, plant science, environmental science/studies,
    landscape architecture, or any related field.
  • Spanish language skills.


  • Answer phones
  • Orders and distributes office supplies
  • Greet and assist walk-in customers and potential employees
  • Distribute mail and facsimile transmissions
  • Type memos, envelopes, labels, or letters as need-ed
  • Direct report to Area Manger and Program Coordinator

APPLY ONLINE: http://www.wcainc.com
Email resume/cover letter to cbasset@wcainc.com
Questions? Contact Corey Bassett: cbasset@wcainc.com / 858 566 4204

Clean Sweep Beautification Project, San Diego River Park Foundation (Posted on 10/26/17)

Saturday October 28 from 9am – noon

Mission Valley Preserve: 2508 Hotel Circle Place

Join the San Diego River Park Foundation for a special Clean & Green event, sponsored by Financial Partners Credit Union! YOU and over 200 volunteers will work together in one huge community event at the Mission Valley Preserve, a 52-acre wildlife preserve right in San Diego! Volunteer work will help to beautify this urban wildlife preserve and care for native habitat, keeping the area clean and safe for visitors and the native animal species that call our River home. All ages welcome!

Volunteer tasks will be assigned at the beginning of the event and include:

  • Painting out graffiti
  • Weeding trails
  • Removing invasive plant species
  • Repairing damaged trails
  • And more!

RSVP by calling (619) 297-7380 or emailing volunteer@sandiegoriver.org

Find more volunteer opportunities with the San Diego River Park Foundation here.

Media & Marketing Director, SSC (Posted on 10/24/17)

SSC Cycle 9 is looking for Media & Marketing Director for the 2017-2018 school year.

SSC is dedicated to serving the university community by providing resources, support, and space to foster an active culture of responsibility for environmental and social justice on campus and in the community. We advocate for sustainability through policy development/implementation and awareness campaigns. We collaborate with Sustainability Program Office (the UCSD administration’s sustainability division) by managing and working out of the Sustainability Resource Center (located next to Price Center Theatre in PC plaza).

The SSC was founded as a non-hierarchical commission of the Associated Students that operates with the help of student fees. We envision a socio-economically just world made of clean and healthy environments sustained through individuals and communities equitably sharing resources, responsibilities, and power.

Please apply online. Applications are due November 5, 2017 at 11:59pm.

Core Bio: Delivery and Inventory Assistant (Posted on 10/20/17)

Description: Responsible for the accurate and safe distribution of customer orders to researchers of UCSD campus and off-campus locations including but not limited to Hillcrest Clinical Teaching Facility, Moore’s Cancer Center, and Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Employee will use customer service skills to assist customers in-person, over the phone, via e-mail and web with requests for biotech products and services in a Mac OS environment using 4D software.

Maintain products being ordered and received in the facility. Assist with maintaining physical inventory of products and organization of facility.

Qualification: Must pay UCSD student service fees each quarter working. Student employee must be able to work through Summer.
Looking for a student employee with the following qualities:

  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Ability to communicate effectively over the phone, in person, and through writing.
  • Computer experience with Mac OS and with 4D software.

Paying $13/hr and we are hiring ASAP. Apply on Port Triton or send resume to dronquillo@ucsd.edu.

Lab Support: Autoclave Assistant (Posted on 10/20/17)

Description: Responsible for the collection, processing, and distribution of laboratory wares for buildings in the School of Medicine and other research laboratory spaces.

Employee will use strict protocol for washers, dryers, and autoclave equipment to clean and sterilize laboratory glass and plastic ware. Employee will also process laboratory materials such as media and other laboratory consumables.

Qualification: Must pay UCSD student service fees each quarter working. Student employee must be able to work through Summer.
Looking for a student employee with the following qualities:

  • Ability to follow laboratory protocol accurately and timely.
  • Knowledge of laboratory techniques and safety requirements.
  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively over the phone, in person, and through writing.

Paying $13/hr and we are hiring ASAP. Apply on Port Triton (844602) or send resume to dronquillo@ucsd.edu.

Sustainability Manager Position, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (Posted on 10/18/17)

Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is hiring a full-time, non-exempt Sustainability Manager within the Balboa Park Sustainability Program (BPSP). The Sustainability Manager is responsible for the effective communication and execution of existing BPSP initiatives, including support of the Balboa Park facility director affinity group, Green Team, Sustainability and Energy Management Action Plan, Green Impact Guide, education events and sustainable operations initiatives for BPCP member institutions. The manager is expected to bring skills that will enhance these existing programs and help to expand BPSP into viable new areas of sustainability.

Click here for more details and to apply.

San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network (Posted on 10/12/17)

The San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network is a free program for startups that are developing solutions to help California meet its energy goals. The program provides access to the resources and facilities of a number of regional partner organizations and connections with industry in order to accelerate the commercialization of emerging energy technologies.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Accepted companies receive access to: Industry Connections; Research and Testing Facilities; Pilot Project Opportunities; Regulatory and Policy Guidance; Market Intelligence; Mentoring; Workshops/Training; Marketing Support; Capital Providers; IP and Export Assistance; and more.

Eligible companies must: 

  • Have a registered business office in California and presence in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, or San Bernardino county
  • Have a breakthrough electric energy technology that ultimately delivers benefits to California ratepayers

Apply here.

River Blitz Field Survey, The San Diego River Park Foundation (posted on 10/12/17)

Twice a year, RiverBlitz volunteer teams use GPS tracking to document the presence of such things as trash, storm water debris, and invasive species on the San Diego River in Santee. This information is vital for planning the next six months of river clean ups and plant removal. It is a wonderful hands-on opportunity and a great way to make a difference for the future of the river and surrounding area. All data collected will be used to help in the effort to restore our river back to a healthy state!

There are three available shifts to volunteer this weekend:

  • Saturday October 14, 9am – noon
  • Saturday October 14, 1 -3pm
  • Sunday October 15, 9am – noon

We will be meeting at Mast Park for all three shifts, 9125 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, CA 92071

If students are interested they can email volunteer@sandiegoriver.org or call (619) 297-7380 to sign up!

GRID Alternatives Solar Spring Break (posted 10/5/17)

Are you a student interested in the intersection between renewable energy and social justice? Do you want hands-on experience installing solar? If so, GRID Alternatives’ Solar Spring Break program could be a great fit for you. GRID Alternatives is the nation’s largest solar construction nonprofit that is working to make solar technology and job training accessible to all individuals in the United States. Their Solar Spring Break program is a unique, service-learning opportunity where student teams from colleges and universities spend 5 days at one of GRID Alternatives’ regional offices installing solar for low-income households and learning about the nonprofit and solar industry at large. Students can choose to form a team or join our Intercollegiate Team where they would meet and learn alongside students from across the country!

Registration deadlines are below:

  • Intercollegiate Registration Deadline – Oct. 20, 2017
  • Solar Spring Break (winter trip) Deadline – Oct. 20, 2017
  • Solar Spring Break (spring or summer trip) Deadline – Nov. 17, 2017

If this program sounds of interest, contact Rachel McMahan at GRID Alternatives to learn more.

Government Relations Internship, Scripps Institute of Oceanography (posted 9/27/17)

An intern in this position will provide confidential administrative support for the Office of Government Relations, Research Development,  Strategic Partnerships, and Events. Assist Director of Government Relations in the establishment of a proactive government relations program for SIO. Provide research/administrative support for government relations professional. This includes; researching various topics, reviewing congressional testimony and government reports and preparing synopsis, and drafting correspondence via verbal rough draft. Participate in the planning and coordination of various events, briefings and tours. Position requires tact, independent judgment, flexibility, and strict confidentiality. It is preferred that interns have taken coursework in political science, policy, science, or journalism. This is an unpaid internship with 10-12 work hours per week.

Interested students should email their resume and cover letter to Matthew Calabrese at mrcalabrese@ucsd.edu

logoLEED Green Associate Training, Leading Green San Diego (posted 9/27/17)

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a sustainability scorecard for green buildings. Buildings can become LEED Certified as can people! The LEED Green Associate is the only professional designation to show employers and clients you have certified knowledge in the field.

To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 8000 students pass their respective exam at a 100% pass rate. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name!

This course meets the exam’s eligibility requirements and the USGBC charges a $100 (reduced for students) fee for the actual exam which can be taken at any time at your nearest Prometric center. Save money by reserving your spot today and make a positive difference in your career!

Early-Bird Cost$300 ($200 for full time students)

This class will take place on November 2 from 6pm-10pm at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. Register here.

uc san diego logo

College Ambassadors, UC San Diego Tour Guide (posted 9/21/17)

Apply to be a tour guide – walk backwards, change lives, and get paid!

Are you passionate about UC San Diego? Join the College Ambassador team and share your student story with our 70,000+ visitors and prospective students! Join us at our information Sessions: Monday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 17th, 5-6pmin the Multipurpose Room (first floor of the Student Services Center)

Application is due October 27th!   Visit admissions.ucsd.edu/jobs to learn more!

Special Ticket Rates for UCSD Students, Food Waste Solution Summit III (posted 9/21/17)

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of food is thrown away somewhere between farm to fork, equating to a $165 billion loss each year for the US in resources including energy, land and water. In San Diego County, over half a million tons (about 600k tons) of food waste is landfilled annually, where it decomposes anaerobically and emits methane. Simultaneously, close to half a million San Diegans are food insecure and don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Join us for an action-packed convening for multi-sector leaders and advocates committed to food waste, hunger, and climate change in San Diego County. UCSD students can get $20 off of their $30 ticket by using the PROMO CODE: UCSD when purchasing tickets. Find more information and purchase tickets here!

natural reserve system logo

California Ecology and Conservation Program and Scholarhsip, University of California (posted 9/20/17)

Applications are now open for the Spring 2018 offering of California Ecology and Conservation. This program brings together 27 students from across the UC system for seven weeks of intensive learning at NRS reserves. Guided by experienced field instructors, undergraduates transform into scientists by conducting independent research studies. Students learn to notice natural patterns, frame questions into feasible research projects, and practice standard techniques such as surveys of animal and plant populations. At the conclusion of each project, students analyze their data and present their findings to the class in oral presentations, posters, and reports. The deadline to submit your application is October 23, 2017.

Upon completing the Spring 2018 offering of California Ecology and Conservation, you may apply for the California Ecology and Conservation Scholarship. We anticipate awarding scholarships ranging from $1000 to $2000 per award.

Application forms can be found here.

ca student sustainability coalition


Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award, California Student Sustainability Coalition (posted 9/20/17)

The California Student Sustainability Coalition and the Linesch Family are pleased to announce the first annual Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award. Nico died in January 2017 just as he was finding himself professionally at the intersection between data informed urban planning and public health. He loved to engage communities for a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable future, especially in marginalized areas of Los Angeles, the city where he was raised and which he loved.

The Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award will provide $4,000 stipends for students who design interdisciplinary internships in agencies whose budgets limit their capacity to offer compensation.

Click here to learn more about the award and apply.

triton innovation challenge


Triton Innovation Challenge, Rady School of Management (posted 9/20/17)

The Triton Innovation Challenge, now in its sixth year, is a business competition focused on fostering creativity and bringing to the spotlight commercially promising, environmentally focused technologies generated by the finest minds at UC San Diego. Supported through the generosity of The William and Kathryn Scripps Family Foundation Inc., the program is presented through a partnership of the Rady School of Management, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the Jacobs School of Engineering.

The competition awards cash prizes totaling $11,000 to support new and innovative ideas that relate to the environment (comes from, inspired by, or directly impacts nature.) Social innovation ideas and those with or without a prototype are encouraged to apply. All participants are also eligible to compete for up to $300,000 in investment funding from the Rady Venture Fund and Triton Technology Fund. Anyone (students, faculty and staff) affiliated with UC San Diego is invited to apply by October 16, 2017. Find the application here.

Student CEQA Workshop, 2017 AEP Fall Workshop Series (posted 9/20/17)

The CEQA Workshop will introduce students to how the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is used to assess potential impacts on the environment. The workshop will cover the CEQA process, environmental analysis under CEQA, and CEQA-related career opportunities. This workshop is being hosted at the Center for Sustainable Energy on October 14, from 9am-12pm. It is free for all students. Find more information here.

Triton Food Pantry

Triton Food Pantry Intern, Associated Students (posted 9/20/17)

If you are interested in helping our community in solving food insecurity, here is a great opportunity to become an intern at Triton Food Pantry!

The Triton Food Pantry is a service provided by the Associated Students to help serve students of the University of California, San Diego who face food insecurity on campus. The goal of the Triton Food Pantry is to ensure equitable access to nutritious food resources. Our goals align with the A.S. Office of Housing and Food Resource which aims to help coordinate campus wide efforts to provide sustainable, accessible, and affordable food and housing to all.

More details found on application page. Deadline October 1st.


Sixth Annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, US Environmental Protection Agency (posted 9/7/17)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching its sixth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, a design competition that is open to colleges and universities across the country. EPA seeks to engage with students to foster a dialogue about responsible stormwater management, and showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of green infrastructure practices.

Registration for the 2017 Challenge is open from September 1st through the 30th. Student teams must register in order to submit their entries by December 15th. Winners will be announced in the Spring of 2018. Each first-place team will earn a student prize of $2,000 to be divided evenly among student team members and a faculty prize of $3,000 to support green infrastructure research or training. Second-place teams will win $1,000 for student teams and a $2,000 faculty prize.

Learn more and register here.

UCSD AS logo


AVP of Environmental Justice Affairs, Associated Students of UC San Diego (posted 8/29/17)

The Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD) works to promote student engagement through involvement in student government and the facilitation of a cohesive campus community. Within ASUCSD, the Office of Environmental Justice Affairs will focus on elements of environmental and social sustainability inherent in council decisions and at the university. To learn more about this position, please visit the ASUCSD website and application page.



Sustainability Ambassadors Program, UC San Diego Sustainability (posted 8/25/17)

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is a peer education program that aims to raise awareness of UC San Diego’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality and encourage students to implement sustainable living methods. Ambassadors will be trained to educate other students on sustainability issues through workshops, projects and social media engagement activities at the Sustainability Resource Center. It is an awesome way to learn more about sustainability, gain leadership experience, and engage peers in sustainability efforts. If you are interested, the application for the program is open until September 23.

The Hub Logo

Basic Needs Services Internship, The Hub at UC San Diego (posted 8/15/17)

The Hub is a new UC San Diego space that offers students the opportunity to engage in and link to Basic Needs resources. Basic Needs refers to the most essential resources required to thrive as a human being which includes access to nutritious food, stable housing, and financial resources. There are three available positions for the 2017-2018 Academic Year:

  • Basic Needs Student Services Assistant (2 available positions) – Students in this position will assist in managing daily organizational efforts, reception services, facility maintenance, and special events.
  • Basic Needs Marketing and communications Intern (1 available position) – Students in this position will  provide a wide variety of student services and graphic design support to The Hub, specifically interfacing with the website and creating social media outlets.

Candidates should have a strong interest in supporting food and social justice efforts within Basic Needs Services. Interested students can apply on Port Triton. Find the positions by entering “The Hub” into the search bar of Port Triton. The position closes on August 23, 2017.


Graphic Design Volunteer Opportunity, UC San Diego Sustainability (posted 8/14/17)

The UC San Diego Sustainability Resource Center is seeking a knowledgeable and creative graphic designer who can produce brochures, business cards, event flyers, and other marketing materials. Given the basic information and raw material, candidates should be able to independently create eye-catching content. This is a volunteer position that has potential to evolve into a part-time intern position. This opportunity is Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved, meaning students can earn credit on their transcript for 30+ hours of work per quarter. Interested students should contact Jennifer Bowser at jbowser@ucsd.edu. Please include samples of your previous work.

Education and Outreach Intern, San Diego River Park Foundation (posted 8/8/17)


The San Diego River Park Foundation is a nonprofit, environmental organization dedicated to to the restoration of the San Diego River and creation of the San Diego River Park System.  The Education and Outreach Intern will be dedicated to engaging youth within the San Diego River watershed, with the purpose of teaching kids the importance and value of our local ecosystem through hands-on, citizen science projects. This person will help to plan and execute various field studies and raise awareness of the challenges urban rivers face. This intern will also be responsible for representing the San Diego River Park Foundation out in the community through outreach. This internship requires a 10-12 hours per week commitment.

For more information about duties, qualifications, and benefits please read the Education and Outreach Intern description.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Bob Forthun at bob@sandiegoriver.org.

Urban Restoration Field Intern, San Diego River Park Foundation (posted 8/8/17)


The San Diego River Park Foundation is a nonprofit, environmental organization dedicated to to the restoration of the San Diego River and creation of the San Diego River Park System.  The Urban Restoration Field Intern will assist in assessing, mapping and removing trash, storm water debris and other types of litter found within the sensitive habitats of the San Diego River watershed. They will also engage and lead volunteers at regular community events organized to accomplish these tasks. This internship requires a 8-10 hours per week time commitment, including Wednesday availability and two Saturdays per month.

For more information about duties, qualifications, and benefits please read the Urban Restoration Field Intern description.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Tiffany Swiderski at tiffany@sandiegoriver.org.

Campus Representative Internship, Global Student Embassy (posted 7/26/17)

Global Student Embassy (GSE) is a non-profit organization that envisions environmentally conscious leaders, skilled at taking action, and addressing local and global challenges. Apply to be a Campus Rep with GSE and cultivate your leadership and organizational experience by coordinating your peers to be a part of the global, environmental movement! Campus Reps bring GSE’s mission and trips to their Universities all over the country; this work gives you an integral part in the growth and development of our international programs. Reps are responsible for promoting GSE across campus with their peers, on-campus clubs, and professors.

For further details, please visit the 2018 Campus Rep Job Description.

Race to Zero Student Design Competition, U.S. Department of Energy (posted 7/25/17)

The competition challenges collegiate teams to apply sound building science principles to create cost-effective, market-ready designs that meet DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program requirements and the Advanced Energy Design Guide For K-12 School Buildings–Achieving a Zero Energy Building.

The fifth annual Race to Zero competition includes a new commercial building design contest in addition to the residential building contests, giving teams many options of building types as the focus of their design challenge. Below are key dates for the next competition:

  • July 2017 – Race to Zero Competition Guide is released, and the team application opens.
  • November 2017 – All participating teams must complete the team application and are encouraged to submit a 3-page project introduction.
  • September 2017 to March 2018 – Webinars and building science training are offered.
  • April 2018 – Finalist teams complete their project submissions and compete with presentations to industry leaders.

Learn more here.

UC Logo

Climate Survey, University of California (posted 7/24/17)

A research team comprised of UC faculty, staff and students is collecting data on UC San Diego’s energy future. And they want to hear from all of our students.

If you are a current UC San Diego undergraduate or graduate student and have a few minutes to spare, please click the link to take a short survey  and be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Distributed Energy Resources – Project Associate, Center for Sustainable Energy (posted 7/21/17)

Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is an independent, mission-driven nonprofit organization with offices in San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles and Boston. We accelerate the adoption of clean and efficient energy solutions via program administration, technical assistance, policy innovation, and other forms of market facilitation. The Project Associate plays a vital role in implementing a variety of projects administered by CSE’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Incentives & Operations (I&O) team. The position will focus on supporting program operations and providing information and outreach to interested customers and industry participants.

Learn more and apply here.

Public Relations and Social Media Internships, San Diego Coastkeeper (posted 7/21/17)

San Diego Coastkeeper, a non‐profit organization working to protect and restore swimmable, fishable and drinkable water in San Diego County, seeks two energetic, well‐organized and self‐motivated individuals to intern as public relations intern and social media intern under the director of marketing and communications. These two positions report to the communications director to help assist with specific communications projects that will expand our organizational capacity. Applicants should have experience with creating marketing and communications projects and an interest in environmental awareness campaigns. Candidates must have, or be in the process of obtaining, a university degree.

Learn more here. Interested students should send their resume and/or cover letter to jamie@sdcoastkeeper.org with the subject line either “Publlic Relations Internship” or “Social Media Internship”.

Environmental Education Intern, San Diego Coastkeeper (posted 7/21/17)

This position reports to the education coordinator and helps implement Project SWELL K-2 and 4-6 grade teacher curriculum with hands-on lessons about local habitats, water science, pollution prevention and the importance of protecting our waterways. Applicants must be enrolled in college and in the process of obtaining a degree in science and/or education fields, and highest priority will be given to those who must complete an internship for college credit, or have an equally decisive way of verifying a deep commitment to the success of their Coastkeeper internship. Prior to applying for this position, the applicant should familiarize themselves with Project SWELL by visiting the program website at www.projectswell.org.

Learn more here. Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and short blog-like writing sample to the internship management team at volunteer@sdcoastkeeper.org.


Seaside Soiree Event Internship, San Diego Coastkeeper (posted 7/21/17)

San Diego Coastkeeper, a non-profit organization working to protect and restore fishable, swimmable, drinkable water in San Diego, seeks an energetic, self-motivated individual to support the planning and organizing of their annual fundraiser: the Seaside Soiree. This position reports to the development manager. Successful candidates will be excellent communicators, demonstrate attention to detail, and pride themselves on their organization skills. The intern must be comfortable working as part of a team, but also thrive in an autonomous, unsupervised environment. This is an excellent position for anyone looking to gain concrete experience with event planning and fundraising, or those interested in developing a better understanding of the inner workings of non-profit organizations.

Learn more here. Interested candidates should submit resumes and cover letters to the development team at development@sdcoastkeeper.org

Environmental Law & Policy Clinic Intern, San Diego Coastkeeper (posted 7/21/17)

San Diego Coastkeeper’s legal and policy interns play an invaluable role in fulfilling the organization’s mission. They conduct Coastkeeper’s advocacy work and expand our capacity to protect and restore fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waters across San Diego County.
Interns in our Environmental Law and Policy Clinic are given significant responsibility to solve pollution problems through a variety of channels, including reviewing proposed projects for impacts on our waters, initiating litigation, collaborating with regulators and polluters, empowering community members to take action, developing policy solutions, and working with media. In order to be eligible for our Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, applicants must currently be enrolled in law school, or be a graduate student currently studying Environmental Policy.

Learn more here.  Interested candidates should sent their resume and cover letter to waterkeeper@sdcoastkeeper.org.



Student Position Available, Sports Facilities (posted 7/19/17)


In an attempt to improve their cleaning policies, UCSD Sports Facilities is searching for a motivated and organized student who can take initiative in writing a standard for “green cleaning”. Such a student would work in collaboration with the Sports Facilities custodial crew to author and implement the policy and procedure. In addition, the student would also help with marketing and communication regarding Sports Facilities’ efforts to be green cleaning leaders on campus. This is a part-time position, requiring up to 20 hours a week. Interested students should email their resume to Michele Palmer at mlpalmer@ucsd.edu.

Climate Corps Fellow (posted 7/10/17)

Climate Corps Fellows benefit from working alongside progressive nonprofits, local governments and businesses on climate resiliency programs and campaigns.  Fellows’ projects focus on: resource efficiency, solar/renewable energy, waste diversion, alternative transportation, sustainability education and/or outreach.

Climate Corps Fellows:

  1. Receive valuable experience leading climate resiliency (mitigation and adaptation) projects that have measureable outcomes and benefits.
  2. Build critical connections and networks with climate protection leaders.
  3. Learn from being part of a regional cohort of Fellows dedicated to implementing innovative approaches to our collective climate challenge.
  4. Participate in a comprehensive training and development program that culminates in a professional certificate issued by an accredited college program partner.

Partner Positions:

For the 2017-18 cycle, Climate Corps public and private sector partners offer a wide variety of fellowship placements. For a full list of placements, visit: www.climate-corps.org

Desired Qualifications:

This is a full-time, 10-month fellowship program.  Additional requirements may depend on the specific position placement sought.  While Climate Corps Fellow positions require a degree from a 4-year institution, Energize Colleges Fellow positions require an associate’s degree. We are looking for recent college graduates with:

  • An educational background in environmental policy, science, engineering, sustainable management or planning degrees (volunteer and internship experience will be considered).
  • An understanding of clean energy and environmental policy.
  • Community outreach and communications experience.
  • A connection to the placement location. This is an equal opportunity position and we prefer to place a candidate who already lives in the region being served.


  • Living allowance stipend of $1,750 per month (before taxes).  Select positions may offer an enhanced stipend.
  • Monthly health insurance premium reimbursement option.
  • Assistance with student loan deferments.
  • Extensive professional development and skill building. Upon program completion, Fellows are awarded a Climate Change Protection Professional certificate by Skyline College.
  • A modest financial award upon program completion.

Application Process:

To become a Fellow please submit an online application and resume through our website (www.climate-corps.org). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all placements are filled. Applicants are encouraged to submit the application as soon as possible in order to ensure the best chance of being placed within an organization that fits your needs and goals.  NOTE: We are adding new fellowship descriptions on a weekly basis!

Once the application is complete and has been reviewed, applicants who qualify will be contacted for an interview. Fellows need to be available and eligible to start by the last week of August 2017.

For more information, please contact climate.corps@gmail.com or visit our website: http://www.climate-corps.org

Community Outreach Intern, San Diego River Park Foundation (posted 5/22/17)




The San Diego River Park Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the restoration of the San Diego River and creation of the San Diego River Park System. They are currently seeking outgoing and hardworking interns who are passionate about environmental conservation and community building.

The Community Outreach Intern will be dedicated to connecting with community members of all ages. This person will attend public events to explain the work and mission of the San Diego River Park Foundation, lead youth activities at a booth, and work on an independent project to recruit organization volunteers.

To apply, please email the following materials together in one email:

  1. A resume (maximum of two pages)
  2. A cover letter stating why this internship is a good fit for you

Please send all application materials to Ally Welborn, Community Engagement Manager, at ally@sandiegoriver.org. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the internship please email the above address or call 610-297-7380.


EcoNaut Position, Job/Internship Opportunity (posted 5/19/17)

Looking for a job in sustainability? Under the general direction and supervision of the HDH Sustainability Manager, you can serve as a member of the EcoNaut team which supports environmental sustainability in Housing Dining Hospitality. EcoNauts will work to educate, advocate, promote and implement sustainability initiatives throughout HDH. As an EcoNaut, you will work with Residential Life staff on Eco-Programming and with college residents on eco-issues. You will also have the opportunity to work with student groups on college specific and campus wide events. Find out more here!

Scholarship to Attend Annual Conference, College and University Professional Association  for Human Resources (posted 5/9/17)

Interested in attending the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo 2017, but don’t have the means to get there?

Scholarships are available for those who want to experience all the conference has to offer — timely information on higher ed HR topics, opportunities to connect with higher ed HR professionals and more.

Although past recipients are not eligible, others from their institutions are welcome to apply.  The deadline to apply is May 25.

Outreach Assistant, I Love A Clean San Diego (posted 5/5/17)

ILACSD’s Outreach Assistant will support ILACSD’s Community Programs, Education, and Marketing departments to implement programs, events and activities. Duties will include attending events, booths, and cleanups throughout San Diego County. Click here for the job description.

Moveout Dumpster Guards, UC San Diego Housing*Dining*Hospitality EcoNauts (posted 5/5/17)

Every year during move outs residents fill over 14 forty yard dumpsters with items they’re trying to get rid of. We are looking for volunteers to join us to stand in front of the dumpsters and encourage students to put items in the recycling and donation bins instead of trashing them. Volunteers are needed Sunday June 11th until Saturday June 17th, from 10 am until 7 pm. Sign up at this link to join us in diverting move out waste for any amount of time you are able!

Sustainability Assistant – Food, UC San Diego University Centers (posted 5/5/17)

University Centers’ Sustainability Department is seeking a motivated individual who is passionate about sustainability and making our student union greener. This position was created to better address the University of California Policies in regards to sustainability and to provide a resource for retail vendors under the umbrella of University Centers to adopt green practices. You will work with a diverse group of students, staff and organizations to aid in the development of programming and opportunities in regards to sustainability at University Centers.  Apply here.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training for UC San Diego Students, UC San Diego Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives (posted 5/5/17)

The Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives is excited to offer hands-on, instructor-led Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification training for UC San Diego students on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 from 8:00a – 4:30p! This training will take place in the Dugout Conference Room of the RIMAC Annex building on North Campus and is FREE for UC San Diego students.

This all-day interactive training, developed in conjunction with Rath & Strong Consulting LLC, uses a hands-on group experiential learning simulation to explore process improvement tools, including the DMAIC model, value stream mapping, Lean 5S, data analysis tools and process sigma, to apply the concepts of Lean Six Sigma in real-time while demonstrating real-life application in higher education.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt practitioners and prepared to share applicable tools and skills with their departments to advance strategic goals.

Topics Covered:

  • Understand the language and verbiage of process improvement and Lean Six Sigma
  • Obtain a working knowledge of the tools of process improvement/Lean Six Sigma and how to apply them specifically to a higher education setting
  • Gain the ability to identify “non-value added” activities
  • Discover how imprecise, ambiguous information can stall process improvement
  • Learn how to measure and analyze data from core processes in order to identify areas of improvement
  • Recognize the value of integrating the “voice of customer” into process improvement projects

Please note that this event is not catered. Trainees must be able to commit to one full day of training with minimal interruptions. Due to the interactive nature of the event, trainees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

If you are interested in registering for the class, please contact Matthew Helton (mhelton@ucsd.edu, 858-822-5875) by Monday, May 22th. NO WALK-INS, PLEASE. 

Solid Waste & Recycling Part-Time Position, City of Oceanside Zero Waste Program and City’s Green Oceanside Campaign (posted 5/5/17)

The City of Oceanside is currently looking to hire a part time position with our Zero Waste Program and the City’s Green Oceanside Campaign. The position will help prepare and implement a wide variety of environmental program in areas of solid waste and recycling, zero waste, conservation, environmental advocacy, food systems and resource management. Please click here for the City of Oceanside Part Time Position description. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sara Davis or Colleen Foster. 

Member at Large, UC San Diego Sports Facilities Advisory Board (posted 5/5/17)

The Sports Facilities student board has an open position that they are looking to fill, called the Member at Large position. Students are encouraged to apply if they are interested in joining the Sports Facilities Advisory Board to get more involved in their sustainability measures.  Click here to apply online.   A subcommittee will review all applications and forward the best applicant for the Board’s approval.

Volunteers Needed, UC San Diego Sustainability Lighting Inventory Program (posted 5/5/17) 

Check out UC San Diego Sustainability’s new Lighting Inventory Program! 

We are looking for volunteers this quarter to pilot our program with Lumeo LLC. Learn marketable analytical skills for today’s energy economy, conduct lighting audits on-campus, develop a financial proposal to Facilities, and work towards a paid internship next year in sustainability.  Our ambitious goal, shared by UC San Diego Facilities Management, is to be the first all LED campus in the UC System.  Come help us reach this goal as a volunteer!

Interest sessions are:

Monday, 5/6 @ 5pm in the Red Shoe Room, PC West – 2nd Flr (above the Sustainability Resource Center)

Thursday, 5/11 @ 5pm in the Revelle College Room in PC West – 2nd Flr (above Lemongrass).

If you’re unable to attend one of these sessions, but are interested in participating, please contact Will Landry at wlandry@ucsd.edu for more information.

LEED Green Associate Training, Leading Green San Diego (posted 4/23/17) 

Interested in getting involved in the Green Building and sustainability Industry? Opportunities are plentiful and passing your LEED professional designation is required to get involved!  Register here.

LEED Green Associate (GA) Training

When: April 30, 2017 – 1:00PM to 5:00 PM

Where: NewSchool of Architecture & Design – The Auditorium

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a green-rating point system to certify a building’s sustainability. Just as Buildings can be LEED certified, students and professional can become LEED Accredited themselves.  The LEED Green Associate (GA) credential is the only professional designation used to market yourself to employers and clients and show you have certified knowledge in the green building industry.

 To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 7000 students pass their exam at a 100% pass rate and does not require any specific background. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name and it never expires!

 Also, a new LEED rating system (v4) was introduced this year and this training course is one of the few that has been updated to teach the current rating system to ensure your knowledge is up to date! This course meets the exam’s eligibility requirements and the USGBC charges a $100 (reduced for students) fee for the actual exam which can be taken at any time at your nearest Prometric center. 

EcoLeaders, National Wildlife Federation (posted 4/23/17) 

National Wildlife Federation is currently seeking four graduate students to support our NWF EcoLeaders Program. Please review the request for proposals (RFPs) below for the following opportunities:

~ NWF EcoLeaders Community Management Assessment Fellow
~ NWF EcoLeaders Market Research Fellow
~ NWF EcoLeaders Career and Technical Education Fellow
~ NWF EcoLeaders Labor Economist Research Fellow

Each fellowship is for a term of 4 -6 months (based on student schedule), and while fellows spend various amounts of time on their projects each week, the average amount of time spent will be 40 hours monthly. The fellow will receive a $3,000 stipend, professional development assistance and networking opportunities, and the possibility of academic credit for successful completion of the project, as an independent study or integration of fellowship project into course curriculula.

Graduate students from any college or university within the U.S are applicable. Current and former employees of National Wildlife Federation and former NWF Campus Ecology Fellows are ineligible to apply. Former NWF interns are eligible to apply following one year from their final work date.

The deadline to submit applications is May 7, 2017.

River Assessment Field Team Volunteers, San Diego River Park Foundation (posted 4/22/17)

Mystery Shopper, UC San Diego University Centers (posted 4/22/17) 

UCEN is looking for sincere, objective and thoughtful Mystery Shoppers who seek to shape the direction of the campus community.  If chosen, your responsibility as a Mystery Shopper will be to patronize these retailers as any customer would in the ordinary course of business. However, you have an obligation to discreetly evaluate them. You will be assigned a retailer to patronize and receive either a $10 Triton Cash Card (dining) or a $25 gift card (hair salon) as a non-taxable reimbursement of expenses, to spend.  Then, objectively answer a brief on-line survey which best describes your shopping experience. Most surveys should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.  Students and staff are welcome to apply.

Best Drive EVer Ride & Drive Intern Assignment on April 24, Charge Across Town (posted 4/15/17)

Student interns needed to support Charge Across Town Staff as they promote the Best.Drive.EVer Campaign at UC San Diego’s Community Sustainability Showcase on Monday, April 24.  Interns can earn $20/hour by conducting iPad surveys, hand out promotion items, provide wristbands to 21 and over drivers (with a valid license) participating in the EV test drives.  Available shifts include 10:30am-1pm  at Town Square and 3:30-6pm at SIOParking Lot 001.  Interested students are encouraged to email sustain@ucsd.edu.

Wind Energy Engineer Intern, DNV-GL (posted on 4/13/17)

The Wind Energy Engineering Intern would work in the Due Diligence group to help improve our project databases and participate in critical R&D projects related to wind farm engineering and project financing. The goal is to help advance the thought leadership and technical quality of our wind power due diligence activities, by capitalizing more efficiently on the project information contained in our wind farm project databases. This internship is expected to last approximately 3-9 months with no additional benefits provided.  Click here to apply.  Click here to search for other DNV-GL positions worldwide.

Project Engineer Intern, Pomona College (posted on 4/13/17)

The Sustainability Office at Pomona College is hiring a student Project Engineer Intern. Experience/interest in engineering, project management, or field research is recommended, but not required. They are mostly looking for a smart, enthusiastic student to help with LEED projects over the summer. The student will work directly with their Project Manager and will receive a lot of valuable experience.

Position Details:

  • Description
  • Hours: Monday through Friday; 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Wage: $15 per hour (with on campus housing), $19 per hour (without housing)
  • Start Date: May 15-30; End Date: August 5-25
    • Campus housing is only available May 30 through August 5
    • Work period can be negotiated

Please email Alexis.Reyes@Pomona.edu with a letter of interest by 5pm on Monday, April 17th.

SoCal SWANA Chapter Workshop, June 8 @ Los Coyotes Country Club, Buena Park (posted on 4/13/17)

Each quarter, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Southern California chapter hosts workshops, which include topics related to solid waste and recycling. Their next workshop will be held on June 8, 2017 at the Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

Students interested in the solid waste/recycling field are provided this opportunity to attend the workshop and meet solid waste professionals, including public works staff, consulting firms, engineering firms, and haulers. The first ten students who register will be free. After the first ten, the cost per student is only $25. (Regular registration costs are $100 per person!) Click here for the upcoming workshop topics.

Interested students can contact April Hilario at ahilario@hfh-consultants.com for more information on how to register.

2017-18 Fair Trade Campaigns Fellowship, Fair Trade Campaigns (posted on 4/11/17)

Are you passionate about Fair Trade and social justice? Are you a student or recent graduate looking for rewarding part-time work? Do you want to gain hands-on experience supporting grassroots organizers, developing leaders, building regional networks, and executing communications strategies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to find out more about the 2017-18 Fair Trade Campaigns Fellowship!  Learn more & apply here.

Systemwide Committee Representatives, UC Student Association (posted on 4/1/17)

As the official voice of the UC students, UCSA nominates students to sit on UC systemwide committees. Systemwide committees deal with critical policy issues that affect every student in the UC system (e.g. admissions policy, budget prioritization, and technology investments). It is vital that UC students have strong representatives on these committees. Descriptions for all of the committees may be found here.  UCSA accepts applications on a rolling deadline based on each committee’s meeting and recruitment schedule. If you apply for a committee that is currently not recruiting, we will hold your application until there is an opening.

Student Leader Needed for Summer 2017 Alternative Break to Nicaragua, Global Student Embassy (posted on 3/28/17)

Global Student Embassy is looking for a student leader interested in a job opportunity working with a grassroots non-profit this semester.

Global Student Embassy is a grassroots nonprofit that focuses on hands-on environmental action, youth empowerment, and cross-cultural exchange. In collaboration with our year-round projects running in California, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, we run alternative break volunteer trips to our locations for university students. This year so far we have successfully run trips partnered with UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and about a dozen more across the country.
We are running a UC San Diego based alternative summer break volunteer trip to Boaco, Nicaragua this summer. In Boaco, our program focuses on sustainable farming with the local community, and includes a 3 day bio-intensive farming course and certification.
We’re looking for a student enthusiastic about sustainability, traveling, and being a leader on campus. The campus rep’s job is to recruit participants, lead fundraising events, and prepare the participants for travel. Campus rep’s have the opportunity to earn a FULL Scholarship for this summer’s trip.
Any student interested in the UCSD Campus Rep job position should email Tessa Janicke at crc@globalstudentembassy.org,we are looking to fill the position ASAP.

Solar Ambassador Program with RE-volv (posted on 3/28/17)

The Solar Ambassador Program is a year-long fellowship for undergraduates offered by RE-volv, a clean energy nonprofit organization. We’re now accepting applications for next year and you can access the application here.

RE-volv’s Solar Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for college students to develop key project management, outreach and communications skills while tangibly taking action on climate change through solar energy. Student teams will receive in-depth training in solar energy policy, financing, crowdfunding and community organizing while working in their community to deploy a solar energy project for a local nonprofit. Applications can be found at re-volv.org/apply-solar-ambassador/. Applications close on April 28th. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@re-volv.org.

Youth Conservation Corps Leader, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (posted on 3/28/17)

The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) leader coordinates and leads the exciting summer-long YCC program.  The leader will be responsible for directing a group of six (6) YCC enrollees on specific work projects relating to fish and wildlife habitat management, species conservation and environmental education.  This is an eleven-week position from June to August 2017.  Application deadline is April 15, 2017.  Please refer to the  YCC Leader Recruitment Flyer 03.08.17 for more information.

Distributed Electricity & Storage Intern, EDF Renewable (posted on 3/28/17)

We are seeking a Graduate student to work in our Distributed Electricity and Solar team focusing on business development and sales. This internship will run for a minimum of 2 months and we are looking to hire someone ASAP. In this role you will identify and filter new customer contacts from existing resources and from the web. You will work in Salesforce to enter new contacts, accounts and opportunities as well as track and advance new opportunities.

To be considered you must be enrolled in a Graduate degree program with a focus in Business, Marketing, or other related field. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic to work for the renewable energy industry and eager to get into Sales. You will need to have strong interpersonal and communication skills and be able to work with minimal supervision.  Submit your application here.

EDF Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles, is a leading U.S. independent power producer boasting 30 years of experience across a broad spectrum of services. Our core competencies in Project Development, Operations and Maintenance, and Asset Management enable us to ensure each project we touch performs at the highest level possible. Our mission is turning innovative renewable energy ideas and long-term relationships into an ethical, high value sustainable business.